Communication skills are a key to success in business and TRUTHPLANE® comes highly recommended from American Express.—Denise Picket, President & CEO, Amex Bank

How Do I Present As A Leader?

There is no getting around it: your job calls for presenting and public speaking under extreme pressure. What your listeners think of your ideas, plans, and your entire organization is affected by how they react to you when you communicate. Never underestimate the crucial role your presentation skills and style play in your success.

The essentials of compelling communication are quick to learn, one-to-one or in group training by professionals who wants to enhance and develop their impact through the TRUTHPLANE® methodology and presentation training.

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After TRUTHPLANE® training, executives can go in front of any audience, knowing how to move and speak in a way that captures attention and hits their messages home.—Deborah Thompson, Financial Journalist 

Presentation Training With The Expert

With Mark Bowden’s practical training seminar, or one-to-one sessions, you and your team can get the expert skills, hands on experience and practice needed to present within the very best structures for compelling business communication. Total credibility and genuine, compelling delivery—a real competitive business advantage when you present.

  • Gain control over your anxiety, and project clearly and assertively your confidence
  • Learn powerful presentation structures that gain attention and influence actions
  • Get your message heard, understood and remembered
  • Recognize and unleash personal communication strengths to further your impact
  • World class TRUTHPLANE® methodology

Build Trust with Persuasive Presentation Skills

It’s a common fear—you’re talking and they’re not buying! Would improved sales presentation and communication skills give you a competitive advantage? With a practical communication training seminar from Mark Bowden, sales teams quickly learn the physical and vocal skills and techniques that add impact, power and presence to their pitch. They learn the most influential psychological triggers and how to pull them in any presentation.

Have you noticed how the most effective sales people don’t really seem as though they are selling? They are natural, likeable, clear, and consultative. They find out about your needs by asking intelligent questions and offering solutions that feel good.

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I continue to use all of the skills and ideas Mark presented to us at our sales meeting. It is uncanny how people react so positively and in such a subconscious way. Truly amazing!—Rick Ball, professional development, Brandes Investment Partners, USA


Fast, Practical Techniques for Confidence & Influence

This unique presentation skills training is already empowering leading sales people, business leaders and politicians. These are techniques that allow top performers to hold an audience in the palm of their hand—by using gestures and words that convey authority, passion, truth and sincerity. Through expert body language and influential linguistic skills, you too can stand out, be heard and win trust with your customers instantly and every time you speak.

  • Develop and enhance confidence with a consultative approach to influential selling
  • Project clearly and assertively your status and that of your product
  • Learn presentation structures that gain attention and motivate buyers
  • Support the customer and get yourself heard, understood and remembered
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TRUTHPLANE® training will have you turning interpersonal communication into opportunities for success!—Dr. Dean Tripp, Professor of Psychology, Queen’s University