“I’ve read Winning Body Language and I can attest that Mark Bowden’s TruthPlane training is revolutionary, powerful and will significantly impact the way you communicate with and influence those around you.”—Michael Bungay Stanier

Your Body Language is a Key to Your Overall Success

This ingenious best selling book Winning Body Language is a step-by-step guide, written by the elite trainer to Fortune 50 CEO’s and G8 world leaders, Mark Bowden. Using a proven system of universal body language techniques, this book entertainingly unlocks secret nonverbal communication skills that can give you the ultimate professional advantage when presenting in business today. Learn easily how to:

• Master the horizontal “TruthPlane” to win trust now
• Gain everyone’s positive attitude toward you through gestures alone
• Be immediately influential by appealing to deep psychological needs

These are just a glimpse of the powerful body language techniques for you to discover and use to win people over every time.

It is without doubt the single most influential (on me) book I have ever read.–Richard Jackway