The Prime Minister finds your coaching very valuable. In the debate he gave back as good as he got and we achieved our objective. Thanks for your help, Mark. A win is a win!” —Senior Adviser to G8 Leader 

Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden is an expert in human behavior and body language, and is the creator of TRUTHPLANE™, a communication training company and unique methodology for anyone who has to communicate to an audience with impact. Mark gives highly entertaining and informative keynote speeches worldwide on persuasive communication to help you stand out, win trust and profit every time you speak.

Widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on nonverbal communication, Mark trains groups and individuals worldwide in his communication techniques. His client list of leading businesspeople, teams, and politicians currently includes presidents and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and current Prime Ministers of G8 powers.

Mark received his university degree in performance in the U.K. and studied the gesture control methods of Jacques Lecoq’s Laboratory of Movement in Paris. He worked with some of the world’s most groundbreaking theatre companies, appearing in multi-award-winning stage and screen productions globally, and training internationally recognized actors and directors. He also has worked with leading practitioners of movement psychology and built upon the influence techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson.

Mark’s publications include the bestselling body language book Winning Body Language (McGraw Hill 2010); Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals (McGraw Hill 2012); and Tame The Primitive Brain (Wiley 2013).

Recent clients are: Aird & Berlis, Shibley Righton, Coup de Maitre (Montreal), Blakes, Cassels Brock, Brandes Investments, Fidelity Investments, RBC , ING, AVIVA Insurance, London Life, GenRe, Gartner, Celestica, AMD, UM New York, Viacom, Ogilvy, BBC (UK), ITV (UK), CBC (Canada), Walmart, Nestle, Disney, Best Doctors, University Health Network, OMA, Roche, Novo Nordisk, Purdue, AstraZeneca, Audi, Toyota, Kroll, Barrick Gold, Lake Shore Gold, Schulich Executive Education Centre, Rotman School of Business, and McGill University.