The Truthplane DVD Training Series

Dynamic and entertaining training DVDs presented by world renowned body language expert and keynote speaker Mark Bowden, based on his unique Truthplane system.

Now available:
Truthplane Communication Keynotes – Maximizing Meeting Engagement
Train your managers in the most effective nonverbal presentation techniques to stand out, win trust and profit at every meeting and presentation.

Bad meetings? Agonizing presentations? We’ve all been there, more times than we’d care to remember. We are not surprised, but constantly disappointed when we feel disengaged. Consequently, we reap little useful information upon which to positively act, and the organisation suffers.

  • If you need your team leaders to be more engaging, hooking their audience into their message every time they present, you need this training DVD.
  • If you need your team leaders to facilitate more effective meetings, ones that build solid relationships and profitable business for your group or organisation, you need this training DVD.
  • If you need your managers to walk into any meeting situation for your organisation and turn it around to their favour to stand out as trustworthy and bankable, you need this training DVD.

For the first time, Mark Bowden’s unique world renowned TruthPlane System of Nonverbal Communication Training is now available on DVD. Presented by Mark in his highly entertaining and dynamic keynote speech format, this training material introduces and examines the latest in neuroscience and evolutionary psychology as it relates to how we unconsciously judge body language, and practically demonstrates and trains how to use nonverbal techniques to make the best impression, be more compelling, and engage the audience in any meeting or presentation.
Mark deals with:

  • The biggest barriers to engaging others when presenting, meeting or leading
  • The negative judgments made about us when we present
  • How an audience is instinctually designed be indifferent to us
  • Why content is not the key to being listened to, heard and understood
  • How we miss out on feelings as the key to ensuring engagement

Mark practically demonstrates and explains fast, easy and effective techniques to maximise engagement:

  • Practical Techniques for Getting Yourself into the trusted “Friend” Category fast
  • Showing positive intentions through body and hands
  • Physicality for “approach” rather than “avoid” responses
  • Exactly how to establish trust – Giving your listeners a “feel good” experience every time
  • How to give your audience status, choice and autonomy to maximize their engagement
  • Winning them over with your body language first, influencing them to be open
  • Persuading your audience to digest your presentation materials and act on the message

Designed for corporate trainers and facilitators

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