It is known that Mark Bowden trains leaders at the highest levels of political office worldwide. Recently in an article by Mike Coates, CEO and President of Hill & Knowlton Canada, Mark’s work was recognized as a deciding factor during the aggressive TV debate in reassuring voters in the 2011 federal election of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s confidence, openness and sincerity, which brought him the landslide victory of a majority third term and all but destroyed the traditional opposition party.

“But it was with non verbal communication where the prime minister really stole the show. Experts noted that he barely broke a sweat. He was cool, calm and collected as he always is in these debates. I actually think this may have been his best performance yet. But, he also had very good use of non-verbal communication techniques, particularly with his hands. While the other leaders aggressively pointed their fingers and flailed away in many different directions, Harper reassured the audience by repeatedly using hand gestures over the most “vulnerable” part of a person’s body: his belly. This technique is called the ‘TruthPlane’. Churchill used it with great effect. Every time he was under attack he would stick his belly out further as if to show how confident he was of his position. Harper may be no Churchill, but he astutely reassured voters of the sincerity of his position and the openness of his intentions by effectively using his hands to convey confidence.) Ironically, while many experts criticize Harper for being cold and secretive, his use of his hands reassured voters”

Primeminister Stephen Harper in the TruthPlane

Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the TruthPlane

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