Here’s a great testimonial that came in for Winning Body Language for Sales, which truly demonstrates the quick success anyone can have in getting better sales results by using the body language tips in this book.


Shirley Zerfas, Lake Drive South, Keswick, ON

I am passing on this recommendation on behalf of my sister Karen Sapsworth.  She wanted me to share her recent and amazing success after reading your book “Winning Body Language”.  She recently switched careers and has become a full time commissioned sales person at a Leon’s Furniture store.  Karen was into her 2nd month and was struggling to meet the target numbers given to her by management.

One day she was casually browsing my copy of your book and part way through the second chapter, something clicked and she asked if she could borrow it. As I have not finished it myself, I was happy to give her one of the several copies I had purchased to give to my clients.

What happened next was truly AMAZING, and fun watching her having so much success!

Here are her text messages to me:

3/31/2013: HAPPY EASTER! try 4 the sales book it frigging works like a miracle. My sales have gone up $ 2000 a day. Hit 10K yesterday. Whoot whoot.

4/1/2013 – 5:13 PM: Guys at work can’t figure out how I’m getting sales galore… at 8 k already at 3:00 going for 10K by end of shift LOL – had to share my success with you!

4/1/2013 – 9:47PM: OMG i hit 10,700 and some customers demanded to fill out comment cards now rather than send in later Both mgrs r amazed at my instant success since i applied knowledge from book all this week.

4/5/2013 – 11:15AM: Off for week till wed did favour and switched shifts with team member. Last day worked gm pulled me in office and praised me across the board and couldn’t believe my success lol. Thanks again for the awesome book :sis have a great day!

Karen says “By embracing and employing Mark Bowden’s book I have substantially improved my sales. Customer rapport begins in a positive greeting and ends with the relaxed experience of total customer satisfaction. The icing on the cake is the serious financial gains by reading this book…  Seriously,  a MUST BUY for any sales professional!”

Thank you for sharing your knowledge in this terrifically written book and for giving me the opportunity to gain so much pleasure from my sister’s success!