Recently, articles in the news have credited Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s excellent use of non-verbal communication as a main factor responsible for his majority win in the Federal Election, and point to Mark Bowden’s TruthPlane system. Mike Coates, CEO and President of Hill & Knowlton Canada blogs that Mr Harper in the TV debates leading up to the election

“…had very good use of non-verbal communication techniques, particularly with his hands. While the other leaders aggressively pointed their fingers and flailed away in many different directions, Harper reassured the audience by repeatedly using hand gestures over the most “vulnerable” part of a person’s body: his belly. This technique is called the ‘TruthPlane’.”

Similarly, Robert Cribb in the Toronto Star (picked up by Maclean’s Magazine and USA Today), highlights in Mr Harper’s debate performance

“the placement of Harper’s hands, cupped and open, directly at stomach height…(in the) “Truth Plane” — a visual expression that communicates the right mix of composed, competent resolve and level-headed credibility,”

and goes on to state

“It seems far more Canadians were suddenly able to see Harper’s previously elusive humanity and trustworthiness, a message delivered through gestures that warmed him to us.”

Mark’s TruthPlane techniques change the feelings in an audience quickly to help you convey your message more effectively. Here are a couple more quick and easy tips from Mark’s best selling body language book Winning Body Language that will help you present your best in every communication:

Be still and symmetrical

Stillness is more predictable to your audience. If you are relaxed and still, we feel more comfortable around you, and will often assign you a higher status.

  • Stay animated and energized, yet keep your movement down to the minimum required to get your message across.

Symmetry is less complex to take in than asymmetry; again, it’s more predictable and so makes us feel more comfortable. Symmetry is felt to be more attractive generally, and is held as higher status by the audience.

  • Gesture with both hands at the same horizontal height and stand with your weight evenly across both feet, with your body fully facing your audience.

Canadian PM Stephen Harper in the TruthPlane

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