When: March 3-5th 2011 — Where: Orlando Florida
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What is an unGeeked e’lite Retreat?

unGeeked is about marketing, branding, social media, sales, customer service, human resources and legal. unGeeked e’lite Retreat brings international, national and regionally recognized speakers, authors and professionals together to sit, talk, share and engage in an open exchange of what works and what doesn’t work when communicating your brand’s value.

The atmosphere, is intimate. Our retreats are designed to be a place to learn and expand on your current knowledge.  Registration is limited to the first 100 people. Why? An intimate atmosphere, like smaller classrooms helps to foster ideas, allow people to bring new perspective and challenge existing ones. The more intimate the atmosphere, the more a sense of community is created among attendees and speakers.

Learn to leverage the personal and corporate brand so that every department in your company that directly or indirectly interacts with customers or clients will communicate your brand’s story and value.

Click here to visit the registration site: SAVE 10% using code: unGeekedFlorida

unGeeked e’lite  Internationally and nationally recognized thought leaders and authors:

  • Mark Bowden – @TruthPlane
  • Amanda Hite – @sexythinker
  • Dan Schawbel – @DanSchawbel
  • Shelly Kramer – @ShellyKramer
  • Heaher A Taylor – @heatherAtaylor
  • Jeffrey Willinger – @jwillie
  • Jeff Power – @jeffpower
  • Amber Osborne – @missdestructo
  • Sam Fiorella – @samfiorella
  • Mike Fraietta – @mikefraietta

unGeeked e’lite nationally and regionally recognized thought leaders and authors:

  • Dan Perez – @danperezfilms
  • Business Beware – @BusinessBeware
  • Bill Boorman – @BillBoorman
  • Chrissie Scelsi – @PunkLawyer
  • Michele Lorito-Chase  – @ghostexecutive
  • Linda Hayles – @CourageFactor
  • Gloria Rand – @GloriaRand
  • Homer Gaines – @Xirclebox
  • Cesar Abueg – @CesarAbueg
  • Katie Felten – @KatieFelten
  • Mark Hogan – @saysmark
  • Kim Geralds – @KimGeralds
  • Ken DeGillio – @OrlandoKen
  • Neal Schaffer – @nealschaffer
  • Angel Oakley – @angeloakley
  • Josepf Haslam – @josepf

Phrases you will never hear at an unGeeked e’lite Retreat

  • Wait, we haven’t gotten to that slide yet.
  • Let’s hold off on that question until our 15 minute Q&A.
  • Well, you can find the answer to that question and more in my latest book.
  • How much longer do I have?

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll  learn from speakers, authors and consultants and “not just listen to them “present to you.”
  • You’ll share your thoughts and perspectives while also bringing your challenges.
  • You’ll brainstorm with speakers like Amanda Hite, Dan Schawbel, Shelly Kramer and more.
  • You’ll walk away with more actionable items and solutions to take back to your business or company
  • You’ll  go beyond networking and build alliances not only with other attendees, but also with speakers as well.
  • You’ll become a part of a growing community of unGeeked’s who are professionals at nurturing, storytelling and communicating the value of their brand to their clients and buyers of their products, peers and on-line communities.

Social Media Club Members use the code: SMCOrlando and SAVE 10%

Accommodations: Hotel rooms are available at the unGeeked reduced rate of $92.99 until February 3, 2011 – After February 3, 2011 room rates will be 159.75 per day. Your hotel stay “includes” a complimentary hot breakfast.

Visit our web site: www.ungeekedelite.com